Sex work is one of the oldest jobs in the world, with thoughts it could stretch back to ancient biblical times. Today sex jobs are just like jobs in any other industry and working in the sex industry is just like working in any other service industry – you go to work to provide a service for your clients for a set payment amount. However what makes this industry different is that those working in it often have the ability to decide how much they earn and when they work.

The sex industry isn’t just for female workers anymore; there are many women, men and even transgender people working in areas such as escort services, stripping and brothel jobs. It is often wondered about the women in particular who work in brothels and as escorts, particularly that they are forced into the industry. However, for those working in the legal industry they do it simply because they enjoy it.

One of the great benefits about the sex industry is that anyone can work in it and anyone can access the services of a worker; from different races and genders through to different fantasies and fetishes pretty much everything is catered for in the industry making it perfect for those who want to try something new or partake in an activity they don’t have a partner for.

There are many myths surrounding the industry including that most sex workers are out working the street; in fact only around 7% work on the streets compared to the approximately 65% who work in brothels and approximately 30% who work in erotic services in Melbourne. 

Another myth is that this industry spreads sexually transmitted infections. This is in fact a great reason to use legal brothels and workers. With the health laws that bound the workers, you can be sure that health of both the worker and the customer will be looked after with neither party being put at risk

One of the big reasons many people use legal brothels or escort services is because if the business gets raided, it’s not just the workers who are at risk of being arrested, the clients are as well. A legal brothel is a much safer place to explore your needs.

Something to keep in mind about those working in the industry is that their prostitution jobs in Melbourne is not about sex – it’s about working out and understanding what the client wants and how they want it to be provided to them – this could be anything from a massage through to sex, or even just a conversation with another person. The sex industry has come a long way over the past 30 – 40 years and a lot of time has been spent trying to shake off the old reputations the industry received. If you have a fantasy or fetish you need fulfilled, then a sex worker is something you may like to try.