Taking Your Toys On Tour

If you have survived the experience of shopping for adult sex toys online and have your goodies safely at home in their discreet packaging you may be wondering what is going to happen should you want to take them with you on holiday. Sex toys can be a great addition to your luggage for a special getaway with your partner or even for your own pleasure during downtime on a business trip. We all know that there is increased vigilance in baggage checking for air travel and unfortunately some of your favourite Jimmyjane sex toys do have some resemblance to other things that you should not have on board. After all if you are not allowed to have tweezers and nail scissors you are not going to get away with a set of handcuffs on board.

There are two ways to go here. Firstly you can go with brazening it out. If your luggage is taken aside for closer inspection then now is the time to declare what you have packed. Believe me, customs and baggage officials have seen more things under the sun than you can imagine and they will appreciate your candid approach. It will save you and them a lot of wasted time. For safety though, if you are taking along a battery operated toy, take the batteries out before you pack and take a new unopened set of batteries. This will eliminate the risk of the batteries leaking and damaging your toy and your other luggage. Visit this page for further information regarding rabbit vibrators.

If you want to take along a lubricant or massage oil, check with the airline as to the size of liquids and lotions that you are allowed to carry and abide by this. Keep your goodies sealed up in new containers if possible and inside a zip lock bag in case they do break or leak during the flight. Most adult sex toys online stores stock a range of travel size lubricants and oils so check out what is available before your trip. It is a good idea to carry these small items in your carry-on luggage rather than in the unpressurized hold area where the general baggage goes.

Your other option when it comes to air travel is to shop for sex toys that are less obvious (and honestly I couldn’t even figure out what they were for so I doubt most people would at a glance). Happily the websites selling these toys do explain their uses and benefits in varying degrees of detail to allow you to make a choice. If you are choosing something new for you and a partner it is a good idea to involve your partner in shopping to avoid nasty surprises at a crucial moment. If you are travelling to another country it is also a good idea to check what the laws are in the country you are visiting, you may be unpleasantly surprised. Sex toys are banned in India and strangely in Texas USA, you are not permitted to be in possession or more than one toy.”