A buck’s party is a regular party, but comprises of only males, like an all-white party, this is an all-male party.There’s no doubt that guys do anything and everything when in a group, but the concept behind this gathering is only to have fun and nothing more. But sometimes it gets a little out of hand, but hey, it happens to everybody.

So when you’re the high chief (the planner) you’re supposed to organize the whole thing, so here a few great buck party ideas for your reference. Choose your helpers, you alone can’t do everything all by yourself, grab a few friends or the best man if that’s not you and assign a specific task to each of them.

Now when it comes to the question of who pays for the gathering, the answer is everybody, even the unique topless waitresses in Sydney should pay up, if she joins the party, by the way the waitress thing is an extremely good idea. Anyway, plan the theme of the party, but as mentioned above buck parties can really get out of hand after a few shots of Whiskey or a few pints of beer, so it doesn’t really matter what theme you go with.

When you are the host of the party, you also have another important role to play, the role of the superhero.However you don’t really have to wear a cape, you can be one without it. For instance, if the future groom wants to shave his head, or cut off his thumb, it’s your duty to make sure that doesn’t happen.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun, just keep an eye on all of them for at least a while, tell them once or twice if they are your buds, if they don’t listen, don’t worry, tomorrow will be a good day to run the ‘I told you so’ trailer, especially if the groom did it. If you are very serious about troublemakers, you always have an option to send them back home or cardboard box, since you’re the host. Remember, with great power comes great responsibilities, and free food.

The party should be all day and all night, well, when you’re trying to pull a whole day, you have to be extra careful. A pack of dudes are like little crocodilians, they always try to bite what they can’t chew, crocodiles can’t chew, but dudes can, you’ll get it, eventually.

Morning activities can include, bungee jumping, go Karting, rent-a-car racing and many more such stuff. Nevertheless planning them will be a waste of time because when guys are involved in anything, the plans always fall apart or burn down to the ground very fast.strippers

Out of the Ten Commandments, two are them are applicable for a buck party. One, do not steal, does not include booze, pet animals, girlfriends and strippers in Newcastle. Two, do not kill, includes kangaroos, all marsupials and to some extent humans. No matter how much you try to organize a party, it never works out, and that’s the beauty of it. The best buck party is the one which has nothing pre-planned in it, and that’s the only legendary tip you’ll ever need to know.