A Good Massage Is Hard To Find

No pun intended in the title. Facing facts, it is true that a lot of the massages you may have received in the past haven’t been what you were searching for in terms of type, intensity and time taken. Professionalism in the world of massage therapists is all but dead unless you know exactly where to find the good ones.

Everyone goes away happy
Some people go in looking for a nice traditional foot massage and come out with a look of shock on their faces after having received a happy-ending massage instead. Going into a massage parlor for a massage is as great an adventure as walking into a beekeeper’s home as nude as the day you were born and covered in premium quality honey.

A lot of people actually choose to hire an outcall massage service instead, and it isn’t exactly the worst choice you could make. A benefit of this sort of service is that you are free to get the massage any way you want it in the comfort and privacy of your home. You won’t have to walk out of the massage parlor into a wall of judging eyes.

Don’t get the wrong masseuse
Finding a good, relaxing massage therapist is one of the hardest things you are going to have to do if you are looking to relax. Some people might actually want a happy-ending massage but end up getting their backs worked over like a karate block by a 200 pound Swedish man with a whole lot of facial hair. Talk about unhappily ever after. 

In this perspective, getting an outcall massage service to visit your home is a much better choice. One reason for this is that you can basically choose who you want coming to your home or apartment and laying you down before having their way with you. You can also personalize your massage to make sure that you actually enjoy it.

Home visits are easier
If you are in a massage parlor, you might find it a little embarrassing to have to tell the masseuse, out loud, that you want him to go harder. People onthe other side of the room might get the wrong idea, and then you are probably going to be in for it. 

Even worse is the bad publicity that you are going to get if you walk into the wrong place without even knowing it. You do not want your wife finding out that you were seen walking into a massage parlor you thought was legitimate, but wasn’t. According to everybody else apparently, “red hot Asian massage” doesn’t mean a massage with heated stones.