The Power Of The Internet

Technology as we know it today has progresses so much in the past few decades that the development couldn’t be termed anything else than rapid. In a few decades almost every house as a computer, the latest version of a TV in the living room, an automated burglar alarm etc. Each household member (even the 8 year olds) have their own laptop or smartphone. And if one was to ask the question what is the best technological advancement in the century without doubt many would answer that it is the Internet.

The internet connects us with each other and we have grown to depend on it absolutely that a day without the internet would be chaos. We depend on it to get our homework done, to pay our bills, send our mails, to play our favorite games (without even having to leave our house), watch our favorite shows, get a doctor’s appointment, read the newspaper, work online, research regarding the ideas for bucks night, do grocery shopping, stay connected with longtime friends through social media, listen to music, to keep in touch with family members and to meet our business partners over video chat without even having to go to work. It is so rare to find anyone who has never used the internet in their lives.

Technology has developed so much that you can just log on to the internet and just order anything from strippers from Sydney to hairpins. It has become a crucially important component in our lives that makes it run smoothly and efficiently.

Our dependency on the internet has made it one of our weakness as well. That is why there are a lot of hackers that try to access personal information through the internet (since almost everyone is connected and linked somehow to the internet it is easy to find anyone) and use it to commit mass scale frauds or cheating scams. We are so dependent and loyal to the internet that we don’t always take safety precautions (simply because it’s a part of our day to day activities and we are used to it too much we overlook or neglect our own safety) and we end up losing a lot of confidential data and perhaps in worse situations.

This is not just applicable to individuals either. Large companies, corporations and even governments have faced immense problems when it comes to the internet. The internet helps the government to run its government smoothly especially when it comes to national defense. But due to hacking through the internet a large amount of confident data has leaked out causing massive security threats.